Cotton Seed Processing Plants

We offer cottonseed processing plants which includes several stages of processing like delinting, dehulling, hullbeating, meats recovery, cooking and conditioning etc.The cooked meats are subjected to oil recovery by expellers. The residual oil contained in the Expeller Cake is recovered through solvent extraction process. The oil so obtained is refined to obtain edible cottonseed oil. All these processes are seamlessly integrated for smooth operations. The lint obtained as a byproduct is further subjected to ginning into bales for sale. (Related Post: Cottonseed Oil Mill Project Cost >>)
Cottonseed Process
Our cottonseed oil machines are lined with FRP for better corrosion resistance and provide major advantages of high dehull rate and high production capacity. These machines have made the process of obtaining clean cottonseed after de-linting completely eco-friendly, with minimum power consumption.


  •     Sturdy construction
  •     High shell removal rate
  •     Less power consumption
  •     Simple operation
  •     Continuous operation for improved productivity and consistent product quality
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