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Palm Oil Fractionation Processes

Three palm oil fractionation processes which are in use: Dry Fractionation: through batch crystallization of oil without using additives by controlled cooling and subsequent continuous filtration. Solvent Fractionation: through continuous crystallization of the oil in a solvent followed by separation … Continue reading

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Cotton Seed Processing Plants

We offer cottonseed processing plants which includes several stages of processing like delinting, dehulling, hullbeating, meats recovery, cooking and conditioning etc.The cooked meats are subjected to oil recovery by expellers. The residual oil contained in the Expeller Cake is recovered … Continue reading

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Vegetable Oil Refining

Vegetable oil refining is a process to transform vegetable oil into fuel by hydrocracking or hydrogenation. Hydrocracking breaks big molecules into smaller ones using hydrogen while hydrogenation adds hydrogen to molecules. These methods can be used for production of edible … Continue reading

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Main Risks of Oil Processing

In many cases the crude extracted oil is not suitable for human consumption until it has been refined to remove undesirable free fatty acids that taste rancid, dark colours and waxes. Refining involves considerable extra equipment costs. The most suitable … Continue reading

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Palm Oil

Naturally red in color, palm oil is derived from the pulp of the fruit of the palm tree. The palm oil is an inexpensive oil that is commonly used in Southeast Asian and African cooking and is high in saturated … Continue reading

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KMEC Offers the Best Sunflower Oil Machinery Manufacturer to Invest In

Located in china, Henan Province the KMEC (Kingman M&E Complete Plant Co) limited is ISO9001 licensed company. It has a strategic location in the highly industrialized area which ensures effective transportation of its products. It is a company with a … Continue reading

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What You Should Know About the Palm Oil Mill

Palm oil is oil that is safe for human use; its extraction is from a reddish pulp of oil palm fruit. The main type of oil palm whose oil undergoes extraction is African, the American oil palm too works but … Continue reading

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Solvent extraction method in an oil milling plant

The oil milling process involves a variety of steps that take place within an oil processing plant which eventually produce edible or crude oil. One of the most important steps in the processing of oil is the solvent extraction stage … Continue reading

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Methods of coconut oil extraction

Coconut oil is one of the edible oils that is used in cooking and making of cosmetic products among others. The oil found in coconut is extracted using a number of methods depending on the amount of oil that is … Continue reading

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About Olive Oil Production and the Processes Involved

Olive oil is considered a superfood because of the nutritional content in it, and it also has a light and fresh taste to it. More people are using olive oil as their main oil to cook with but you cannot … Continue reading

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