About Olive Oil Production and the Processes Involved

Olive oil is considered a superfood because of the nutritional content in it, and it also has a light and fresh taste to it. More people are using olive oil as their main oil to cook with but you cannot deep fry in olive oil because this removes the nutrients from the oil. Contrary to popular opinion, Italy is not the largest exporter of olive oil but instead it is Spain that exports the most olive oil. In addition, some manufacturers market Spanish olive oil as if it came from Italy so you want to keep this in mind when purchasing olive oil. Here is how olive oil is produced.

olive oilProduction Process
The grower harvests the olives then he washes them thoroughly while removing the large leaves from them. After this happens the grower crushes the olives until they form a paste, and he uses a mill to crush them. Once this happens the grower can now press the olives because this is how the oil is extracted from the olives. As a result you will get the olive oil that is a favorite among many worldwide, and the oil is ready for production and manufacturing.

Olive oil production is the greatest in the Mediterranean although some of the oil is being produced in California. When you purchase olive oil you want to buy a well-known and trusted brands nut that is also affordable. Gourmet specialty food stores are the best places to purchase olive oil since the owners of these stores often strive to include the most authentic brands of olive oil.

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