Oil Extraction Process

Understanding the Oil Extraction Process Used Today
Crude oil is unprocessed oil that is used to create petroleum gas, gasoline, kerosene, plastic products and a host of other useful things. Gas prices are determined by the availability of crude oil and it is the basis of an oil industry that has been booming for centuries. Texas is a hotspot for oil and Louisiana is another major state where oil production occurs. Some people wonder how oil is extracted and there are numerous books that discuss the process but they often explain the process in complex terms. Here is a simple way of understanding the oil extraction process.


Oil Extraction ProcessIt Starts With Seismic Equipment
The first thing geologists and oil seekers do is locate the oil in various areas of the country and they use seismic equipment to do it.  These are technologically-driven machines with 3D features that make it easy for the geologists to find the places where oil can be found.
On To The Pumps
After the geologists found the oil locations, they will use three types of pumps to extract the crude oil. The vertical pumps would go in the ground while the horizontal pump goes to the left or right. The slant pump goes at a curve in order to extract the oil and many geologists prefer this style over the other ones because they feel it takes in more oil.
The oil extraction process is only the first step in creating cleaner energy for the planet. When the oil extraction process ends, it needs to be refined so the extracted oil ends up in an oil refinery where chemists remove the impurities.

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