How Oil Extraction Process Takes Place

Oil extraction process is an easy way of locating oil simply by seeping it out from the ground then later on collecting it in various containers. With the current improvement of technology, specialized electronic equipment has been designed to aid in those people who are involved in modern oil extraction. In addition to this, special pumps have been designed with an aim of finding oil reserves. In the yester years, oil extraction was done as a guessing game but this has changed with time.  If you are interested in knowing how the oil extraction process takes place, no need to worry as this article has been designed to help you get through this. All you have to do is not to navigate from this page but keep reading to the end. Enjoy!!
The first thing that is required to facilitate this process is simply locating where the oil is. This has been made easy and this is thanks to advanced machines that have been designed to send waves into the ground then find the oil deposits.
Once the oil deposits have been found, samples are taken off the ground in order to find out how feasible it is for it to be drilled. This is important so that the correct pump can be used to do the drilling since they are of different types.
The last step is taking the oil to the refinery in order for it to be separated from any foreign matters. The petroleum with the heaviest molecules will simply sink to the bottom of the tank whereas the lightest will simply float. After all this, you will have your oil ready to be used.

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