How an Oil Extruder for Biodiesel Works

An oil extruder for biodiesel is used to crush vegetable seeds to produce biodiesel. The extruder comes with a vegetable oil filter and an oil extractor. The filter is used to clean the oil to make it safe for fuel use or human consumption. The benefits of suing the extruder is that you can produce high amount of fuel without using chemicals such as Hexane. In addition, the oil produced does not need to go for further refining. The main plants used in vegetable biodiesel include canola oil and rapeseed.
oil extraction
The raw materials for this extruder are crude vegetable oil. The extrusion process usually destroys any anti-nutrient in the raw materials. You will need to clean the seed and then crash them into pieces before placing them in the oil extruder for biodiesel. The extruder has a screw that rotates inside the barrel which extracts the oils. The seeds are fed into the hopper of the extruder through the extruder at room temperature. Leave them in the extruder for 25 seconds and then release them into the expeller which oil extraction
The oil can be used as diesel for engine. Producing biodiesel locally reduces the need to import fuel from other countries. Rural families can take advantage of this process to save money. In addition to being a cheap source of energy, it is environment friendly. The oil can be sued to feed livestock, as a dietary supplement, cooking oil and also to manufacture soap.

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