Oil Refinery Companies

Oil Refinery Companies There are many oil refinery companies distributed in different countries in the world. Some people think that only oil producing countries have oil refinery companies yet this is not true. When you visit the internet, you will discover that even countries that do not have even a shred of oil deposits still have oil refineries. What these countries do is to import crude oil from oil producing countries so that they can refine it back at home. It is generally cheaper to import crude oil as compared to importation of already processed or refined oil products.
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The other advantage is that since crude oil can be processed into a wide range of products, a country that imports unprocessed oil could benefit from these oil products. The other thing that you need to note is that most websites only list the largest oil refineries in the world. Therefore when you miss to see the oil refineries in your country, then probably it came later or it does not measure to the world’s international standards in terms of its capacity. These oil refinery companies are listed according to their respective continents and countries. When you click on your country, you should be able to see its oil refinery companies listed.

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