What happens at a neem oil extraction plant?

Neem oil of low quality can be extracted from home by using some DIY techniques but the best way to extract neem oil is in from a neem oil extraction plant. This is primarily done for large scale production of the same and can be done in two ways; this includes pressing and extracting from the raw materials which in this case is the neem seed. During the pressing procedure, the neem seeds are crushed then squeezed allowing the release of oil which is then separated from the kernels.

neem oil

neem oil

When doing the pressing, you need to be very careful as there are some active substances within neem oil that are susceptible to heat meaning following cold press as the pressing procedure of the oil would be better. At the neem oil extraction plant, the other procedure involved deals with extracting neem oil by soaking crushed kernels. The soaking is done inside an organic solvent and this procedure has been taken into consideration more as compared to cold pressed neem oil thus regarding extracting procedure as somewhat inferior. Note that the resultant residues after the extraction process can also be used in other ways. For instance, in India the by-products have been said to be used vastly in soap making among other uses.


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