Tips on soybean oil processing

Many people refer to soybean oil as vegetable oil, and the soybean curd as tofu. More companies have ventured into the business of soybean oil processing because this oil is in very high demand. This oil is used in most of the snack joints around and is also used to prepare bread, sweets and processed foods. In fact, a big percentage of caloric intake is from soybean oil. Initially, I preferred using vegetable oil for preparing all my meals until very recently when I discovered something that was shocking.
soybean oil processing

Most people could deny this but it is very true that the oil is very dangerous mainly because it contains a toxic biochemical called PHG. PHG has many negative effects to the body. Firstly, it slows blood circulation and can cause blood clotting. The other danger is that it slows the functioning of vital organ s in the body and can even lead to loss of memory in severe cases. Lastly, this oil interferes with the usual digestion process.

The PHG is very dangerous and in fact, it is used even to kill rats hence accumulation of it in the body is very dangerous. In addition to that, soybean oil affects the thyroid gland thus slowing down one’s metabolism and this can lead to increase in wait over a long period. This actually explains why so many kids nowadays are fat. The food that they eat at home daily or even in the restaurants is usually cooked from soybean oil.

The adults have not been left out either, because the number of those who have unnecessary increase in weight is increasing day by day. Soybean oil is grouped as omega 6 fatty acid. Although our body needs fat, we should take only the right amount of it in order to be healthy. It is recommended that the amount of omega 6 fatty acids that one takes is balanced with omega 3 fatty acids.

However, some people fail to observe this and take more of omega 6 fatty acids hence resulting into various health complications. The only way to avoid taking too much of soybean oil is by avoiding processed foods and instead take too much of freshly prepared foods. You should also eat fish more often because it is a great source of essential fatty acids and you will stay healthy always.

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