What happens in a mustard oil extraction plant?

What happens in a mustard oil extraction plant? Before we answer this question, we may want to know something small about mustard oil. For one, this is oil extracted from the mustard seed which is an annual crop and can thrive well in some countries and not so well in others. Mustard oil is the largest most used at home after soy and palm oil respectively. Now back to our question on what happens in a mustard oil extraction plant. Well, when extracting mustard oil, you need to maintain temperatures at lower levels; this is also known as cold compression techniques and is applicable if the oil is produced for commercial purposes that are if it is produced on a large scale.

mustard oil extraction plant The need for the low temperature is that volatile substances like aroma will be preserved within the extraction process undamaged. What happens is that when the temperatures are higher or elevated, the rate of oxidation is also higher leading to reduced flavor in the oil. When you purchase these oils from the market, sometimes you may know depending on the change in flavor which is a factor that points out the resultant outcome of over exposed extraction where temperatures weren’t all regulated. When the mustard seed is processed and transformed into oil, there are other by-products that are also useful in making other things like oil cakes which are primarily used as animal feeds. In some occasions, some of the extras can also be used to make soap.

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