Oil Extraction Process

Understanding the Oil Extraction Process Used Today
Crude oil is unprocessed oil that is used to create petroleum gas, gasoline, kerosene, plastic products and a host of other useful things. Gas prices are determined by the availability of crude oil and it is the basis of an oil industry that has been booming for centuries. Texas is a hotspot for oil and Louisiana is another major state where oil production occurs. Some people wonder how oil is extracted and there are numerous books that discuss the process but they often explain the process in complex terms. Here is a simple way of understanding the oil extraction process.


Oil Extraction ProcessIt Starts With Seismic Equipment
The first thing geologists and oil seekers do is locate the oil in various areas of the country and they use seismic equipment to do it.  These are technologically-driven machines with 3D features that make it easy for the geologists to find the places where oil can be found.
On To The Pumps
After the geologists found the oil locations, they will use three types of pumps to extract the crude oil. The vertical pumps would go in the ground while the horizontal pump goes to the left or right. The slant pump goes at a curve in order to extract the oil and many geologists prefer this style over the other ones because they feel it takes in more oil.
The oil extraction process is only the first step in creating cleaner energy for the planet. When the oil extraction process ends, it needs to be refined so the extracted oil ends up in an oil refinery where chemists remove the impurities.

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Olive Oil Extraction

The process of olive oil extraction involves separation of oil from the olive drupes so that they are ready for consumption. Science indicates that olive is rich in oil in the sense that every cell is composed of oil. Some people may choose to extract oil from olive without using chemicals while others believe that olive oil can only be separated fully using chemical solvents. Though the physical method is slower, it produces olive oil that is safe from any possible side effects. On the other hand, the oil that is extracted using hexane, requires that the whole process is handled with care so that any contaminants do not infiltrate the oil.
Olive Oil Extraction

It is good to ensure that the olives are washed well to rid them of contaminants such as soil. When you fail to wash them, it might be impossible to avoid some sense of soil taste in the final product. People that clean their olives before the process of oil extraction starts are more likely to produce excellent oil as compared to those ones that do not. It is also impertative to treat this process with care so that production of the oil oxidation enzyme is reduced as it could compromise the quality of the final product.

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Oil Extraction Methods

There are different types of oil extraction methods that you can use to separate oil from oil bearing materials. Although some oil bearing materials might require the same method during extraction of oil, there are others that would work well on certain materials only. It is therefore important that you understand what each oil extraction method entails so that you can apply it appropriately. The other thing that you need to note is that there are oil extraction methods that would involve the use of chemical solvents such as hexane while others could work well without a solvent.
Oil Extraction Methods

No matter the kind of oil extraction method that you choose to employ during production of oil, you need to realize that it should be able to cause no or minimal pollution to the environment. If it is the edible oil that you plan to extract, it should be free from contamination. During extraction, ensure that you not only use clean oil bearing materials but you also see to it that the solvent that you use does not add contaminants to the oil. It is also essential to ensure that you have all the apparatus and ingredients needs. Finally, you need to follow every step needed for complete oil extraction.

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Tips on soybean oil processing

Many people refer to soybean oil as vegetable oil, and the soybean curd as tofu. More companies have ventured into the business of soybean oil processing because this oil is in very high demand. This oil is used in most of the snack joints around and is also used to prepare bread, sweets and processed foods. In fact, a big percentage of caloric intake is from soybean oil. Initially, I preferred using vegetable oil for preparing all my meals until very recently when I discovered something that was shocking.
soybean oil processing

Most people could deny this but it is very true that the oil is very dangerous mainly because it contains a toxic biochemical called PHG. PHG has many negative effects to the body. Firstly, it slows blood circulation and can cause blood clotting. The other danger is that it slows the functioning of vital organ s in the body and can even lead to loss of memory in severe cases. Lastly, this oil interferes with the usual digestion process.

The PHG is very dangerous and in fact, it is used even to kill rats hence accumulation of it in the body is very dangerous. In addition to that, soybean oil affects the thyroid gland thus slowing down one’s metabolism and this can lead to increase in wait over a long period. This actually explains why so many kids nowadays are fat. The food that they eat at home daily or even in the restaurants is usually cooked from soybean oil.

The adults have not been left out either, because the number of those who have unnecessary increase in weight is increasing day by day. Soybean oil is grouped as omega 6 fatty acid. Although our body needs fat, we should take only the right amount of it in order to be healthy. It is recommended that the amount of omega 6 fatty acids that one takes is balanced with omega 3 fatty acids.

However, some people fail to observe this and take more of omega 6 fatty acids hence resulting into various health complications. The only way to avoid taking too much of soybean oil is by avoiding processed foods and instead take too much of freshly prepared foods. You should also eat fish more often because it is a great source of essential fatty acids and you will stay healthy always.

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What happens in a mustard oil extraction plant?

What happens in a mustard oil extraction plant? Before we answer this question, we may want to know something small about mustard oil. For one, this is oil extracted from the mustard seed which is an annual crop and can thrive well in some countries and not so well in others. Mustard oil is the largest most used at home after soy and palm oil respectively. Now back to our question on what happens in a mustard oil extraction plant. Well, when extracting mustard oil, you need to maintain temperatures at lower levels; this is also known as cold compression techniques and is applicable if the oil is produced for commercial purposes that are if it is produced on a large scale.

mustard oil extraction plant The need for the low temperature is that volatile substances like aroma will be preserved within the extraction process undamaged. What happens is that when the temperatures are higher or elevated, the rate of oxidation is also higher leading to reduced flavor in the oil. When you purchase these oils from the market, sometimes you may know depending on the change in flavor which is a factor that points out the resultant outcome of over exposed extraction where temperatures weren’t all regulated. When the mustard seed is processed and transformed into oil, there are other by-products that are also useful in making other things like oil cakes which are primarily used as animal feeds. In some occasions, some of the extras can also be used to make soap.

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What happens at the soybean oil extraction plant?

At the soybean oil extraction plant, you will realize that the extraction process is a complex one and not that easy to go about. Traditionally, the processes involved the use of hydraulic presses and thus due to the cost, only low yields were produced although in the recent times the yielding process has been boosted due to the mechanical procedure of extracting the same oil. Because of the protein nature in soybeans, the extraction procedure makes it worthwhile towards applying it in meals and thus why it has been used widely as salad oil as well as frying oil.
soybean oil extraction plant At the soybean oil extraction plant, it is important that large amounts of hexane products are available. This is because these products will act as solvents during the extraction process and thus why we said earlier that soybean oil extraction isn’t an easy thing and if not careful, you could find yourself working at a loss. There is a new method that is still under the testing procedure and has been said that the process would not require the use of hexane as the solvent and thus people willing to enter into this business will be able to extract this oil product without incurring losses or any difficulty towards the extraction procedure.

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Crude Palm Oil Processing

Crude palm oil processing is an area that is receiving attention by most investors. They are beginning to see that it is a rich area that can not be ignored. Most people are studying to ensure that when they venture into this business, they have prospects of prospering to reach both local and international markets. It seems like so much focus and emphasis had been placed on crude oil processing and forgetting that there are other opportunities and options that needed venture and exploration. With the rising cost of import of crude oil and the elaborate process that is involved, it will be well worth your time and resources to try your hand in this business.
However, you need to remember that the whole process needs thorough research and various feasibility studies in terms of production as well as the market for the final products. There are various steps that are involved in the processing crude palm oil and they are listed as follows:

  • Reception of the raw material
  • Sterilization
  • Threshing
  • Fruit digestion
  • Pulp processing
  • Oil clarification
  • Oil drying
  • Oil packing

Experts recommend that you have all these processes at your fingertips because each step has a special role to play
Crude Palm Oil Processing

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Oil Refinery Companies

Oil Refinery Companies There are many oil refinery companies distributed in different countries in the world. Some people think that only oil producing countries have oil refinery companies yet this is not true. When you visit the internet, you will discover that even countries that do not have even a shred of oil deposits still have oil refineries. What these countries do is to import crude oil from oil producing countries so that they can refine it back at home. It is generally cheaper to import crude oil as compared to importation of already processed or refined oil products.
palm oil








The other advantage is that since crude oil can be processed into a wide range of products, a country that imports unprocessed oil could benefit from these oil products. The other thing that you need to note is that most websites only list the largest oil refineries in the world. Therefore when you miss to see the oil refineries in your country, then probably it came later or it does not measure to the world’s international standards in terms of its capacity. These oil refinery companies are listed according to their respective continents and countries. When you click on your country, you should be able to see its oil refinery companies listed.

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What happens at a neem oil extraction plant?

Neem oil of low quality can be extracted from home by using some DIY techniques but the best way to extract neem oil is in from a neem oil extraction plant. This is primarily done for large scale production of the same and can be done in two ways; this includes pressing and extracting from the raw materials which in this case is the neem seed. During the pressing procedure, the neem seeds are crushed then squeezed allowing the release of oil which is then separated from the kernels.

neem oil

neem oil

When doing the pressing, you need to be very careful as there are some active substances within neem oil that are susceptible to heat meaning following cold press as the pressing procedure of the oil would be better. At the neem oil extraction plant, the other procedure involved deals with extracting neem oil by soaking crushed kernels. The soaking is done inside an organic solvent and this procedure has been taken into consideration more as compared to cold pressed neem oil thus regarding extracting procedure as somewhat inferior. Note that the resultant residues after the extraction process can also be used in other ways. For instance, in India the by-products have been said to be used vastly in soap making among other uses.


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More about turnkey project oil extraction plant

What does turnkey project oil extraction plant mean? Well, to understand this, we also need to understand Sai Ram Engineers, as well as what is required of the customers who want to take part in turnkey project oil extraction plant. At Sai Ram Engineers, professionals here have a duty towards setting up essential oil extraction plant. This is rather beneficial with regards to the installed machines operating software in place as well as the structure of the steel among other factors. Generally, all customers who intend to take part in the project are recommended to choose machinery wisely as each plant has its own benefits towards oil extraction.

turnkey project oil extraction plant

turnkey project oil extraction plant

Another thing though, there are reasons why customers are advised to choose services and equipment purchase from this company, one of them service mechanism, this company is proud to present the best non- sophisticated service mechanism of all time making your experience in the oil extraction process worthwhile. Another aspect to look at is the time taken towards project completion, setting up a plant for business should be done within the shortest time possible and this is one of the things that this company is proud to announce. In addition to other benefits, there is also an additional professional team at work as well as connected network at different sectors not forgetting service charges that have also been attested as reasonable.


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